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Are granite countertops safe

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Granite used for kitchen countertops is not harmful to health. The so-called radioactive substances in stone materials are in essence alarmist. Every kind of natural slabs have radiation, just the amount of radiation different. The radiation of stone is much less than that of glass and wood! Only a quarter of that of the tile! But it is still recommended that try not to use the special bright and deep color stone, such as red, green etc , objectively speaking, only using granite countertop in a small part of the kitchen area will not cause any harm to the human body. Granite is a material that is used frequently as countertop. Its advantages are high hardness, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. But it also has its disadvantages. A major disadvantage of granite is that natural stones have pores, so it is very easy to soak in oil. Once the oil is immersed in the pores, it is very difficult to wipe, not easy to do sanitation, it looks oil-immersed, so it generally will not use light-colored granite countertop. Because it is natural stone, there may be color difference.

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