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Luxurious granite stone, beautiful and comfortable

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Bianco Antico

It is a glamorous incarnation, silver-gray texture as if the young and energetic snow-capped fox flies past, playing in the snow world, perfect interpretation of a primitive mysterious space, real, free, without any cumbersome carvings.

Bianco Antico granite slab

Crystal White

It is an elegant incarnation, between the gray and white textures, just like the refreshing and clear before the rising of the sun. The texture of the random walk on the slate, lazy and casual, does not lose temperament. It seems that there is a kind of zen meaning that is in need of release.

Crystal White granite slab

Golden Flower

It is the incarnation of high cold, the collision of gold and black, and the beauty of the sculpture with a sculptural performance. Its color is three-dimensional, the texture is natural and natural, and the texture has a deep and distinct convex and concave effect, like a blooming rose, telling the unique beauty.

Bariloche Gold granite slab

【Imperial Gold】

It is the embodiment of luxury, the interweaving of gold and gray, such as the same round of the setting sun against the ridgeline of the desert, the vast expanse of smoke, picturesque as a dream. Here, there are no complicated patterns, only the rough texture and texture, after years of baptism and accumulation, leaving a quiet charm.

Imperial Gold granite slab

【Golden Chocolate】

It is a fashion incarnation, the texture is clear and smooth, the color is bright and smooth, the retro has a sense of fashion, generous and without losing the details, so that the noble and elegant space atmosphere creates a stylish life atmosphere, tastes natural and extraordinary.

Golden Chocolate granite slab

【Crema Delicatus】

It is a noble incarnation, and the texture is as colorful as a snowflake bloom, and is treasured in a gentle space. The potential power and beauty of nature strive to create an intersection and balance with the external world, and extract the inextricable connection between essence and material.

Crema Delicatus granite slab

【Gold Persa】

It is an incarnation of luxury, no one, delicate and smooth texture, bringing a fresh visual impact between the squares; the magnificent color makes the space exude a distinctive elegance.

Gold Persa granite slab

Cosmic Black

It is the incarnation of science fiction, and the dance of time is like a black hole inhalation, dazzling, but so dreamy. Every day, I live happily in my own space, appreciate the world like a mysterious universe, and then transform the life into a meticulous taste, and slowly feel.

Cosmic Black granite slab


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