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Quartz stone maintenance and points for attention

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01.The kitchen has many metal cooking appliances and the profile may be stained by water stain and rust. Wecan clean the stain with a wet cloth and use toothpaste, white vinegar or 84 sterilizing fluid to soak the stain for about 10 minutes and clean with the cloth.

02.If you have a naughty kid, you may have to solve the problem of ink stains. You may clean the stain with a wet cloth and erase with an eraser. If the stains still exist, prepare the washing powder and water at 1:0.5.In such case, the washing powder is thick and has frictional force. Soak the prepared washing powder on the profile for about five minutes and clean the stains with a brush. Finally, clean with water.

03.The quartz consists of quartz sand and resin, pigment and promoter, which is made after several strict production processes. It has a better thermal resistance than other materials. In the daily use, thermal insulation board and thermal spider can greatly protect the quartz from scratch.

04.For instance, do not cut meat on the profile directly. You may put a thick cloth under the cutting board. Do not impact with knife or drill head.

05.Do not use the corrosive cleaning agents such as bleacher, preservative, rosin oil, alkalinity, xylene, toluene, potassium, hydroxide, caustic soda, carrene or methyl chloroform to clean the profile.

Daily Care

01.Matte surface: use decontaminating agent to polish and clean. Then, clean with a dry cloth .Clean with a scouting pad completely from time to time to maintain its surface cleaned and polished.

Quartz Matte

02.Honed surface: use a scouring pad with non-abrasive agent to polish. Dry with a clean cloth to enhance its polishing effects.

Quartz Honed

03.Polished(Glossy) surface: polish with sponge and non-abrasive bright agent. If the stains are hard to remove, use 1200-meshsand paper to clean.

Quartz Glossy

Points for Attention

01.Do not hit or impact with heavy objects or sharp tools to the profile, in particular, the top of a kitchen range or water basin.

02.Ingeneral,the profile cannot be damaged by high temperature. However, it shall not be exposed directly under high temperature or partial heated for a long time. Do not put the hot containers on the profile directly for heat dissipation. It is suggested that pot pads with good thermal resistance should be used to protect the profile.

03.If the profile is stained with rubber, nail polish or paint that is very hard to remove, you may use a knife to scrape gently if necessary. Please pay attention to the force to avoid damaging the profile.

04.If it contacts with non-neutral cleaning agent or chemical solution, use clean water to clean.

05.Long-time exposure under strong sun light may affect its surface glossiness.

06.If the profile is installed on the cabinet by professional installers. users shall not remove, re-install or trample the profile to pervent damage or crack the profile.

Guidance of Contactors

Acid With strong resistant capability
Oil With strong resistant capability
Coffee and wine With strong resistant capability
Drinks With strong resistant capability
Bleacher Do not use. If it is bleached for more than 12 hours, the surface may be damaged
Cleaning agent whose ph>12 Do not use. If it is bleached for more than 12 hours, the surface may be damaged
Trichloroethylene It can remove the special oil stains. Then, use water to clean
Acetone It can remove the special oil stains. Then, use water to clean
Paint Dissolvent(diluents) It can remove the special oil stains. Then, use water to clean
Fluoric Acid Never use under any circumstance
Carrene Never use under any circumstance
Caustic soda Never use under any circumstance
Paint Remove Never use under any circumstance

quartz stone attention

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