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Stone care, cleaning and maintenance knowledge sharing!

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Cleaning with clean water is an effective and inexpensive method. It should be noted that the amount of clean water should be paid attention to in the process of cleaning with clean water, because if the water consumption is not properly grasped, water spots will appear in the stone.

Dust Removal

In daily life, the surface of stone often has some fruit shells, footprints, floating dust and other sundries, such as in the hotel. These sundries will not only affect the beauty, but also affect the gloss of the surface of stone, at this time it is necessary to use dust push to clean up these sundries in time.

Surface anti-skid nursing

Whether ceramic tile or stone material, will face the problem of anti-skid on its surfaces. Their anti-skid concerns the safety of their families. Therefore, the waterlogging on stone surface must be cleaned in time, and the anti-skid property of stone surface should be increased.

Surface waxing nursing

Surface waxing nursing is a traditional nursing method. Its advantages are low price and simple construction method. But it also has some noteworthy points, such as waxing nursing on ground stone, liquid wax should be used instead of solid wax, because solid wax can make stone slippery and easily cause personnel to slip and fall.

Protection agent nursing

Generally speaking, the decorative stone will have stone protection agent. It can protect the stone in a certain period of time, reduce or not be harmed by pollutants, thus prolonging the life of the stone.

Surface brightening nursing

Stone surface brightening agent can also be used in daily care of stone, but this brightening effect  varies with stones, and the effect is limited.

Surface Crystallization Nursing

Surface Crystallization Nursing not only improves the decorative effect of stone surface, but also improves the decorative level of stone. So it is widely used in stone nursing. What advantages does it have?

1. increasing the hardness of the stone , and the wear resistance of the stone surface

2. Increase the gloss and visual effect of stone surface

3. To a certain extent, increase the skid resistance and  stain resistance of stone surface

Process technology

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