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The natural stone beauty of white

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Natural stone has great vitality and beauty because of its texture. The pure and soft texture of white granite is matched with the elegant natural veins. It is amazing and has been given the meaning of sacred and pure. Since ancient white granite has become People's love.

White granite, as an important member of the decorative design element, looks ordinary white, but the various patterns on the weathered shallow surface are like mountains, water, or realism, or poetic, beautiful. Different forms. With the unique texture of stone, this whitening becomes a mysterious color. White stone can be paired with light tones or with dark tones. Elegant, stylish, or atmospheric? It can switch to any style you want with the interior design.

The extensive use of white granite also confirms that people are tired of complicated decoration and tend to return to the original. Simplicity satisfies people's needs for the sensibility and instinct of the space environment, and at the same time meets people's pursuit of the atmosphere, gorgeous, artistic aesthetic.

Galaxy White

It is Galaxy white granite , sometimes darker in color, lighter in gray, and the particles are uniform and large crystal particles. The material is solid, crystal and bright, and can be used for decoration of countertops, walls, floors, columns, etc., with high artistic effect.

River white

River White granite , the pattern is clear and symmetrical, and it resembles the special lines of the river. The unchanging is still the pure texture. It has hidden traces of prehistoric civilization in the trend of texture and texture, but its overall shape can be described by “modern fashion”, which expresses the honor, elegance and top-quality product characteristics, highlighting the master class. Design style.

Roma White

Roma white granite stone ,Fresh and elegant, with a natural and rustic atmosphere, the texture is delicate and natural, and the dark brown thin lines are embedded in the beige, which is paved in the space to give a warm and comfortable noble experience.

White Rose

White rose granite .The texture is delicate and soft, the layering is strong, the finish is high, the pattern is well-proportioned, the simple rough lines outline the ultimate luxury style, the mysterious delicate texture, low-key and introverted, is the best product for interior decoration wall surface.

Ice Blue

Ice blue granite ,The natural texture of the surface is clearly visible, and the white shading gives the rough lines a more delicate feel.

Dragon White

Dragon white gantie,With the moisturizing sense of jade and the elegant, soft and elegant atmosphere, it gives people a sense of tranquility and romance, creating a space for people to be placed in the sacred palace. The stone is popular among designers and owners in terms of materials and patterns, and is widely used in the decoration and decoration of high-end hotels, villas and other places.

Snow Pearl

Snowflake pearls, the bottom color is icy, white, with a faint texture, which can be seen under the light refraction, covered with white snow.

Tiger Skin White

The colorful appearance looks like a tiger skin, and the texture is naturally natural, so attractive that people can't stand the temptation.

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