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What is the grain size of artificial quartz

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The grain size of artificial quartz, commonly referred to as engineered or synthetic quartz, is not determined by natural geological processes like that of natural quartz found in rocks. Instead, it is determined during the manufacturing process. Engineered quartz is created by combining about 90-95% crushed natural quartz crystals with resins, polymers, and pigments. The size of the quartz particles used in the process can vary depending on the manufacturer and the desired properties of the final product.

Typically, engineered quartz countertops and surfaces are available in various grain sizes or textures, including fine-grain and coarse-grain options. The size of the quartz particles used can affect the appearance and characteristics of the finished product. For example:

Fine-Grain Engineered Quartz: This type of engineered quartz has smaller quartz particles, resulting in a smoother and more uniform appearance. It often mimics the look of natural stone like marble or granite.


Coarse-Grain Engineered Quartz: This type contains larger quartz particles, which can give the surface a more textured and granular appearance. It might be chosen for a different aesthetic or tactile experience.


Ultimately, the grain size of artificial quartz can vary based on the manufacturer's specifications and the specific product line. When selecting engineered quartz for a project, you can inquire about the available grain sizes and finishes to find the one that suits your preferences and design goals.

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