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Plain Black Quartz

Plain black quartz impresses you with its exquisite beauty and elegance. Its black background and brown speckles complement each other. black quartz is durable, low maintenance, pollution-resistant, and has a choice of 20 mm and 30 mm thick slabs and preforms for increased design and installation flexibility.
  • SH2058

  • Xinxing

  • 6810999000

Stone Name:

Artificial Quartz Slab


93% Quartz Sand

Surface Finishing:




Standard size:(size can be customized)



(There is an extra 30mm length on the width and length, no charge.)


Wooden bundles, Iron Bundles, surface protected by plastic film

Quantity in 20ft container

70 pcs / 7 pallets of 30mm
105 pcs / 7 pallets of 20mm

Delivery time:

20 working days after receipt of 30% deposit

Plain Black Quartz, also known simply as Black Quartz, is a type of engineered stone or quartz surface material known for its solid black or deep black color without the presence of prominent veins or patterns. It offers a sleek and contemporary appearance. Here are some key characteristics and information about Plain Black Quartz:

Composition: Like other quartz surfaces, Plain Black Quartz is primarily composed of crushed natural quartz crystals, resins, polymers, and pigments. These materials are mixed together and processed under high pressure and heat to create a durable and non-porous surface.

Appearance: Plain Black Quartz is characterized by its solid black or deep black color. It typically has a glossy or polished finish. This minimalistic and monochromatic look is ideal for creating a modern and sophisticated design aesthetic.

Durability: Plain Black Quartz shares the durability traits common to quartz surfaces. It is highly resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. Unlike some natural stones, it does not require sealing, making it suitable for use in high-traffic areas like kitchens.

Maintenance: Cleaning Plain Black Quartz is generally easy. Mild soap and water or a pH-balanced cleaner are usually sufficient for everyday cleaning. Avoid using abrasive cleaning products to prevent surface damage.

Applications: Plain Black Quartz is commonly used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, backsplashes, and other interior surfaces where a sleek and minimalist appearance is desired. It can serve as a striking contrast to other design elements.

Cost: The cost of Plain Black Quartz can vary depending on factors such as brand, thickness, and location. It is typically priced in the mid-range to premium category. While it may be more expensive than some other countertop materials, it offers a bold and contemporary look.

Brands: Numerous manufacturers produce Plain Black Quartz, and it may be marketed under various brand names.

Design Flexibility: Plain Black Quartz can be customized to fit specific design requirements, including different edge profiles. It is available in various thicknesses to accommodate different applications.

Availability: Plain Black Quartz is widely available through kitchen and bath design showrooms, home improvement stores, and countertop fabricators. It is typically sold in standard countertop sizes and slabs.

Plain Black Quartz is chosen for its ability to create a bold and minimalist statement in interior spaces. Its deep black color can serve as a striking backdrop and focal point, especially in modern and contemporary design schemes. Additionally, its durability and low-maintenance qualities make it a practical choice for homeowners and designers seeking a sleek and enduring surface material that complements a minimalist aesthetic.

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