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Rejecting similar aesthetics, quartz can be so elegant

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Everyone has a different aesthetic. Some people prefer simple and low-key black, white and gray. Naturally, some people like colorful and colorful. The living space also has a unique temperament, which mostly represents the taste and style of the owner. "

Reject the cookie-cutter aesthetic

Emerging quartz stone makes life romantic and warm, wonderful and colorful, gorgeous and warm.

Bright and rich colors of SH6033

calacatta vagli quartz

Black, white and gray fully show the design style of the Nordic style, and at the same time, use rich embellishment colors on the basis of simple tones to finally achieve a high saturation and publicity effect.

The warm sunlight came in, sprinkling a mottled light and shadow.

It’s also a special experience for a person to enjoy leisure time there alone, staring in a daze, reading a book, or inviting a few friends over for tea and chat.

SH6033 veins are looming

calacatta quartz wall

Gray roams and shuttles in the embrace of white. The richly layered texture is where it passes. After the colors are harmonized, it is softer, restrained, quiet and fresh.

Its unique style gives people a feeling of returning to nature.

SH6033 texture design is smooth and natural

white quartz background wall

The color saturation of the overall style is improved, and the large-area texture has a natural flavor, which caters to the modern people's love of nature.

The color is also very low-key and fresh, not ostentatious and unassuming, showing a refreshing Japanese style.

SH6033 unique distinctive personality

calacatta white quartz wallpaper

The style is simple and direct, comfortable, free, and practical. It combines minimalism and modern industrial design to create a life state of deep Zen and leisure.

Watch the traffic during the day and the starry sky at night.

Even if the pace of life is hurried, there is also the possibility of slowing down and chewing.

SH6033 simplifies texture, color and a series of designs

white quartz countertops

Simplicity is not simple is the biggest feature of modern minimalist style. It is not only expressed in coziness and romance, but also in the details of refinement, bringing endless comfort to the family.

With this design and some lush green potted plants, the whole room is filled with fresh vitality.


quartz kitchen countertops

Emerging quartz stone is not only for decorating comfortable residences, but also an art and a manifestation of taste.

Simple but not simple, the off-white tone is more high-end.

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