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Calacatta Dorado Quartz

Calacatta Dorado Quartz is intertwined with gray and white, which is naturally intertwined, bringing a touch of vitality and nobility to the white board.Calacatta Dorado Quartz with Light Grey Vein for Cabinet Countertops
  • SH6062

  • Xinxing

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:


Stone Name:

Artificial Quartz Stone Slabs

Stone Form:

Big Slabs

Model Number:

SH 6062


Artificial Stone

Surface Finishing:


HS code:



93% Natural Quartz Sand 


20mm; 30mm


Green Guard, CE, SGS,NSF ,ISO



Calacatta Dorado Quartz is likely an engineered quartz product designed to replicate the appearance of Calacatta Dorado marble. Calacatta Dorado marble is characterized by its white background with prominent golden or warm-toned veining.

Engineered quartz surfaces are created by mixing crushed natural quartz with resins, pigments, and other materials. This manufacturing process results in a durable, non-porous material that mimics the aesthetics of natural stone while offering practical benefits for interior design and architecture.

Here are some features and considerations regarding Calacatta Dorado Quartz:

Visual Resemblance: Calacatta Dorado Quartz is designed to capture the beauty and elegance of Calacatta Dorado marble, including the white background and distinctive golden or warm-toned veining.

Durability: Engineered quartz is known for its strength and resistance to scratches, stains, and heat. It's suitable for high-traffic areas.

Low Maintenance: Quartz surfaces are non-porous, making them resistant to stains and easy to clean with regular soap and water.

Consistency: Unlike natural marble, engineered quartz offers a consistent look across different slabs.

Design Flexibility: Quartz manufacturers offer various patterns, vein styles, and colors, allowing you to select the specific design that suits your aesthetic preferences.

Versatility: Calacatta Dorado Quartz can be used for a range of applications, such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, wall cladding, and more.

Cost Considerations: While engineered quartz is often more affordable than natural marble, premium designs and patterns might be priced higher.

Standard size:

(size can be customized)



(There is an extra 20~30mm length on the width and length, no charge.)


20mm; 30mm


Wooden bundles,Iron Bundles,surface protected by plastic film

Quantity in 20ft container

70 pcs/7 pallets of 30mm
105 pcs/7 pallets of 20mm
140 pcs/7 pallets of 15mm

Delivery time:

20 working days after receipt of 30% deposit


1) High density, no hole, no filling, low expansion coefficient, non deformation;
2) High hardness (7 grade);
3) High resistance to scratches, chemical, wine, compression, and high temperature;
4) No color difference in the same batch of goods;
5) Rich in color selection;
6) Easy to clean;

7) Non-toxic, non radiative;

8) Suitable for all kinds projects, such as hotel, bathroom, kitchen, living-room, restaurant, bar counter, garden, square, etc.

Residencial applications:

-Kitchen countertops, backsplashes and table tops
-Bathroom countertops, vanity tops, tub-decks
-Windowsills and shower-walls

Commercial applications:

-Bar-tops and table-tops
-Lavatories and public washrooms
-Wall surfaces and other décor-trim
-Transaction decks and cash-wraps

-Reception areas and work-stations
-Food service areas and work-stations
-Specialty kiosks and fixtures

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