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Calacatta Fuze Quartz

The design of calacatta fuze quartz SH6026 is derived from Calacatta stone, but the artificial quartz stone slab removes the shortcomings of natural stone veins, and the lines and rough lines are simple and clear.
  • SH6026

  • Xinxing

  • 6810999000

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:


Stone Name:

Artificial Quartz Stone Slabs

Stone Form:

Big Slabs

Model Number:

SH 6026


Artificial Stone

Surface Finishing:


HS code:



93% Natural Quartz Sand 




Green Guard, CE,SGS,NSF,ISO



Calacatta fuze quartz refers to a specific type of engineered quartz surface that imitates the appearance of Calacatta marble with a "rocky" or textured finish. Similar to other Calacatta-inspired quartz products, Calacatta Rocky Quartz would likely feature a white background with prominent and bold veining in shades of gray and gold, characteristic of the Calacatta marble's look.

The term "fuze" suggest that this particular quartz product has a textured or rugged surface finish, aiming to replicate the natural texture found in some marble slabs. This textured finish could add another layer of authenticity to the marble imitation and provide a unique visual and tactile experience.

As with any engineered quartz product, calacatta fuze quartz would offer the benefits of durability, stain resistance, and easy maintenance that quartz surfaces are known for, making it a popular choice for countertops, backsplashes, and other interior design applications.

Keep in mind that product names and descriptions can vary between manufacturers and regions, so if you're interested in calacatta fuze quartz, you can consult with us who can provide you with accurate and detailed information about the specific product we offer.

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